A Rebate to Renovate?

*Please note – according to the Plano website, funding is full as of May 2019. There is a list you can be added to in case someone backs out or anything changes. You can see more on that here: https://www.plano.gov/2338/The-Great-Update-Rebate 

Residents of Plano, Texas! Wouldn’t it be nice to have the kitchen of your dreams, the master bathroom retreat you’ve always wanted, or other home remodeling projects you’ve been thinking about? What if you could have that and get money back?

If you haven’t heard yet, the Plano City Council offers The Great Update Rebate! This rebate offers up to $5,000 back to qualifying homes looking to remodel and update their homes.

Here’s the 5 W’s on the program.


Who Qualifies?

  • You can qualify if you have not started any work or inspections before applying to this program.

  • Those who have a 35 year old home or older.

  • Those who have a home that appraises at less than or equal to 85% of the Federal Housing Administration single family mortgage limit in Collin County for that year. (by The County Appraisal District).

  • Those who are current on their taxes and insurance for their home.

  • Those who’s project cost will be at least 10% of the County Appraisal District’s appraised market value – or $20,000 – whichever is less.

  • Projects that will be complete within 3 months of the start date (after you have undergone the process for receiving a Notice To Proceed from the City).

Plano has put together a map to check to see if your property qualifies. Check it out here: https://planogis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=2edd565527ed4bcaa1ae4cf8f7995159


What can you do?







  • To continue to improve the great city of Plano and incentivize those who live here to beautify the neighborhoods and their city.


Plano has put together a process flow chart to understand how to start, and what steps you need to complete to qualify. https://plano.gov/DocumentCenter/View/8332/Program-Process-Flowchart

For more information and complete details on The Great Update Rebate please visit: https://www.plano.gov/2338/The-Great-Update-Rebate

If you’re looking for a company to complete your home project, give us a call or email us today! We can schedule a free consultation and get started on your project.



* Your Artistic Innovations does not endorse this program. This is simply an informative piece for those who did not know about the program already and to inform the community of a government program. YAI is in no way affiliated or sponsored by the Plano Government’s rebate program.

Rebate to Renovate

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