5 Tips to Choosing the Best Remodeling Company

Choosing the Best Remodeling Company

Are you Sure You’re Choosing the Best Remodeling Company?

It’s time to redo your bathroom or remodel your kitchen. This means it’s time to hire a remodeling company. How do you choose? Who is the right company for your needs? Choosing a remodeling company to hire for your home can be tough. Choosing the best remodeling company in your area can be tougher. 

There are plenty of choices out there, but how do you know you’re choosing the best remodeling company? Read on to discover 5 tips to choosing the best remodeling company. 


1. Look at their portfolio. 

A sign of a company who is skilled in various projects is a full and diverse portfolio. That’s not all you have to check for though. Check to see if the finished product looks professional. Ask yourself if they take pride in the photos they choose to display their work. A good and robust portfolio means they’ve had plenty of projects that did well enough to have them photographed and featured. This also can show you they have the skills needed to tackle your project. 

There are many other questions a portfolio can answer. What kind of projects have they done? Have they done the room you want redone? Have they moved walls to open a space? Each room is different and can come with its own set of challenges. Make sure your remodeler has encountered them before. 

To see our full remodeling portfolio, click here.


2. Check online reviews. 

What are people saying about them? Have they had other projects where people were happy enough to write a positive review? If they’re a local company who cares it will show. Reviews are a great way to check for past referrals without having to worry if you don’t personally know a past client. Take into consideration what they are saying before you make up your mind.

You can find our reviews across several platforms and websites. Our reviews are on Houzz and other sites. 

You can see our overall reviews here


3. Make Sure they’re Trusted 

You are going to have a lot of people going in and out of your home. Everyday, strangers will be walking in and out of your sanctuary. You need to make sure they are people you can trust to be in your home and around your pets and family. See if they’re screened in any way. Our company is verified by Home Advisor.  

Another factor we pride ourselves on is being a local business. We live here too, which means we care about the areas around us. Our business is in Dallas and the surrounding areas, and we want to make sure we’re a local company you can be proud of. We’re an established company that has been here since 2004, and plans to be around for years to come!


4. Check for Insurance. 

Does your remodeler have insurance for general and worker’s liability? You want someone who has taken this important step for you. This is one more thing that can give you peace of mind when working with a remodeling company. Not having to worry about getting your own insurance should be a major factor when choosing the best remodeling company for you.



5. Make Sure they communicate

How will they let you know the progress of your project? How will they tell you if they need something? Open communication is key to a successful project. You should feel free to ask questions and receive timely answers.

Are you choosing the best remodeling company? We hope to show you we can be the best company for your project. Feel free to schedule a free consultation with us via text, call, or email. 

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