Nature Inspired Design


Whether you live in the city surrounded by concrete or on a lush lakeside, bringing nature inspired design into your home creates an atmosphere of serenity. The versatile qualities of these earthy inspired elements is another plus. They can work for any design and style, from a rugged cabin look, to a spa-like sanctuary.


Sleek and shiny more your style? Natural look elements don’t have to lack in glamour. A simple gleaming finish or the incorporation of polished materials upgrades the style to a more refined and upscale design. Whether you choose to use nature inspired designs as the focus of your room or as an accent, here’s a few ideas on how to make the outdoors yours.


1. Wood Look Tile

A niche with wood look tile brings in a woodsy feel to your shower.

Bathroom remodel uses wood look tile in shower niche

2. Mother of Pearl Tile

Upgrade your backsplash or accent a wall with mother of pearl tile – this glimmering component brings in an elegant beach feel.

Kitchen remodel uses mother of pearl tile on wall

3. Stone Wall Accent

A stone wall accent dresses up a simple dry bar area with an outdoor feel.

Living Room remodel uses stone on dry bar wall

4. Patterns

You can incorporate classic natural design with updated patterns by choosing a variation of wooden pieces to create a custom transitional piece.

Cabinet uses rustic wood in a herringbone pattern

However you choose to do it, incorporating the outdoors into your home is something to consider for your next home project.


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