Parent one day and Teacher the next

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These times are very interesting and we are all finding some adjustments. If your kids are in public schools there’s a good chance you are doing a school from home program. This is our second day of doing school from home and let me tell you it is eye opening! We are lucky enough to have a situation where we can have a parent at home overseeing the school schedule. But let’s be honest, this parent is NOT a teacher in any fashion. Luckily our school district has set up some pretty good teacher instruction periods and only half the day will be student instructed. School is tough enough and trying to keep even the best kids on track is proving to be a challenge. I hope that moving forward in the year it will become easier as kids get used to the new learning environment but that remains to be seen.

What is interesting to me is today I was working from my home office and heard a teacher multiple times trying to keep the kids on track and off the ‘chat’ feature. It brings me to wonder how will discipline be handled and how will we get the kids to stay on task. You would think during teacher instructed times it would be easier, but I have a feeling there will be a large learning curve to this type of learning. As of now the kids are expected to go back after labor day – and this will also be interesting. If the kids only spend 3-4 weeks learning online it will just be getting into the swing of things by the time they head back to the class. Our student will not be going back after Labor Day as of yet, but I imagine there are many parents who are struggling with this new learning environment.

This will be interesting to see how we as parents have gone from dropping kids off from 8-3 at school to becoming a large portion of their education. Not only providing the tools they need for classes but also an active roll in ensuring they are completing coursework. This next school year will be interesting for sure…

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