Plan Your Remodeling Wish List

Planning Your Remodeling Wish List

You’re at the point where you know you want to remodel. You’re tired of the dated look and you need your home to be brought into this century. Now what? Once you know you want to start a remodeling project, there’s a few things you can do to make the entire process easier.


Know Your Style

Know what you want. If you haven’t yet, create a pinterest or houzz account. Save every idea you come across that catches your eye. Start looking for patterns on what it is that you liked. Is it a bright and white kitchen? The farmers look? A rustic feel? Maybe eclectic? Whatever it is, take note of what draws you in. Go back and delete things you no longer like while taking a second look.



Don’t forget to include amenities and features you want to add too! Hate running to the sink every 5 seconds while you’re cooking? Put a pot filler on your wish list. Want a wide open bar area to casually gather friends while you entertain? Add that to the list! Hate cold floors? Don’t forget to ask for heated flooring!


Notice Upcoming Trends

Are there any upcoming trends or features you have to have? Do a search on what functional aspects of design you can add to your home remodel.


Smart Home?

Do you want your home to work smarter? Don’t forget to include areas where you can implement the newest in smart home technology. Although not a must, many homes are moving towards using tech.


Create Your Wishlist

Now that you’ve done your research, create a finalized wish list with all of the ideas, amenities, and styles you’d like. We’ve compiled a checklist for you to consider for your home remodel. Rank the items in order of importance, that way, if you need to, you know what you can cut to get your desired features. If you can’t answer all of the questions we’ve gathered, don’t worry! We’re here to help you with the perfect design for you and your home.


Questions and Amenities to Consider for Your Remodel

This list doesn’t include everything, but it’s a nice place to start if you aren’t sure what to consider for your remodel. 

Kitchen Remodel

  • Questions to Consider
    • Layout Questions
      • Do you need to remove a wall to open the space?
      • Do you want it to open to a neighboring living area?
      • Does the current layout suit your needs?
      • Is there enough room for everyone to sit?
      • Is there a layout you’ve seen that caught your eye?
    • Appliance Questions
      • Does the current placement of the appliances suit your needs?
      • Do you want new appliances to match the new design?
      • Is there an appliance you wish you had?
      • Do you want a cooktop or range?
      • How many ovens do you need?
      • Where do you want the microwave?
      • Are there any new features an appliance has you’d like to have?
      • Do you want smart appliances?
  • List of Appliances and Features to Consider
      • Basics
        • Finish of appliances and hardware
        • Countertops
          • Style
          • Material
        • Cabinetry
          • Style
          • Material
        • Light fixture styles
        • Refrigerator
        • Wall ovens or range
        • Range or cooktop
        • Range hood
        • Dishwasher type
          • Built-in
          • Drawer
        • Sink
          • Faucet
          • Type of sink
        • Entertaining
          • Wine Refrigerator
          • Ice maker
          • Kegerator
        • Extra and Other Amenities
          • Pot Filler
          • Prep sink
          • Soft Close Drawers
          • Undercabinet lighting
          • Specialty storage
          • Built-in pet feeding area and storage

Bathroom Remodel

  • Questions to Consider
    • Layout Questions
      • Do you need to increase the space?
      • Do you have enough storage space?
      • Do you want to add a shower, tub, or combo?
  • List of Fixtures and Features to consider
      • Basics
        • Finish of hardware and fixtures
        • Bathtub
          • Water jets or air jets
          • Built-in heater
          • Freestanding
          • Corner
        • Shower
          • Heated flooring
          • Number of showerheads and type
            • Handheld
            • Rain showerhead
            • Body sprays
          • Seating
          • Space for toiletries
          • Glass enclosure
            • Frameless
            • Door or open
          • Toilet
            • Bidet
            • Green features
          • Vanity
            • Hair tools drawer storage
            • Outlet locations
            • Light up mirror or custom
            • Countertop type and material
            • One long vanity or two separate vanities
          • Sink
            • Number of sinks
            • Faucet
            • Style
          • Other Amenities or Features
            • Flooring type and material
              • Heated flooring
            • Light fixture styles
            • Extra storage locations and types
              • Wall
              • Cabinet
              • Drawers
              • Shelves


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